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Why is it good for your business's bottom line?
Why eco-friendly irrigation systems are good for your business's bottom line?

Highlands Irrigation systems are designed to deliver water to the crop with the least amount of energy possible.

Factors affecting energy consumption include:

  1. Pump selection where the efficiency of the impeller in moving the water is of prime concern and the target is 80% or better.
  2. Pipe size where the larger pipe creates less friction loss directly reducing the energy required.
  3. Pressure required where the lowest pressure that can distribute the water in a uniform manner will offer the best economy.

Besides the efficiencies of the mechanical inputs, energy and water resources can be conserved with sound farming practices.

Factors affecting the use of water and energy include:

  1. Irrigation scheduling to match climate and crop requirements.
  2. Maintenance of equipment to ensure that it delivers the water directly to the crop when required.
  3. Utilizing storage where available and gravity if it is available.

To capitalize on these opportunities the staff at Highlands participates in information gathered by organizations and firms involved in the research and development of equipment, crop and soil characteristics and maintenance aspects of the systems. This is accomplished by our involvement in the:

The most important thing that staff at Highlands contributes to your environment is to visit your property to ensure that all pertinent information has been assembled and from that the most efficient design is offered.

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