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Water softening system

Pressure Tanks and Pumps

Drilled Well Systems are most frequently servicing one or more rural homes or a livestock watering system.

Once the well is completed we assist in selecting the appropriate equipment which may include:

  1. A deep well submersible pump
  2. A pressure system including pressure tank and switch - or -
  3. A Frequency drive system designed to respond to demand.
  4. Pipe sizing.
  5. Wire sizing.

We combine our recommended design with a priced system so our prospective clients have a complete understanding of the system.

Home owners also have a need for Lawn Sprinkler Systems. We design systems for an owner installed approach. We supply the lawn sprinkler design at no charge.

We also adapt other Irrigation products to Domestic applications e.g. our PVC pipe is used to support temporary greenhouses. Our Aluminum pipe has many other uses:

  • Pool cover rollers
  • Pontoons to support floating docks
  • Flag poles

Ask us for ideas and we may have done it before. We design specifically for your requirements.

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